Glacier Fresh - Lapins


Lapins are a large, broad shouldered ,dark red, firm cherry with a delicious flavour. Typically they peak on 8.5 to 9.5 row. Developed by researchers at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Summerland, British Columbia, the Lapin cherry variety is a result of a Van and Stella cherry cross. Lapins were named after Dr. Karl Lapins, a pioneer in cherry breeding. This super-sweet cherry is available in Montana from the end of July to mid August.

Glacier Fresh - Sweethearts


The Sweetheart cherry variety was discovered by researchers at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Summerland, British Columbia. Sweetheart is a cross between the Van and Newstar cherry varieties. This variety of cherries is harvested after the lapins, which usually is Aug 10th or later. Our unique growing conditions produce a large heart shaped cherry. They are a great tasting cherry, although they are not quite as large as the lapins. They are exceptionally firm, with high sugars, and are one of our favorites.

Glacier Fresh - Sweet Ruby


Sweet Rubies are a dark red, heart-shaped fruit that is similar in size to the Bing. A rich, sweet flavour has kept this variety popular. It typically matures early in our season, available late July through August.

Glacier Fresh - Kootenay Special


This amazing cherry was developed in Creston, B.C. by WL Truscott. A very large, dark red/burgundy sweet cherry. Harvested late August after Lapin.

Glacier Fresh - Rainier


This cherry is golden yellow with a red blush, and the flesh colour is clear. They originated in 1952 after Harold W. Fogel and other researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station in Prosser, WA crossed the Bing & Van cherry varieties. This is our earliest cherry, an average harvest date is around July 25th. They are extremely fragile, great care is taken to insure quality fruit during harvest and packing. They are a very beautiful and popular cherry.

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