If you are interested in working for Glacier Fresh please fill out our form below or email us your resume.  A good contact for any questions you might have regarding employment is info@glacierfreshcherries.com.

Seasonal full-time positions usually begin mid-July and run to mid-August.

Orchard work consists of irrigation, fence, orchard and equipment maintenance – working outside in our fresh Montana air overlooking beautiful Flathead Lake.

Harvest work consists of orchard and packing house positions.  We are usually looking for around twenty hardworking individuals every summer to fill our positions.  We need crew boss managers, tractor drivers, truck drivers and field men.

In the packing house we need human resource managers, bookkeepers and quality control managers.  All positions require out going, hard working individuals.  

We are like a large machine.  Every piece has to work with the other.  Harvest is a time of hard work and long days.  It is a time of great laughs and close friendships.  We really rely on each other at harvest and everyone matters!  If you have ever been interested in working on an orchard or farm, or have experience from working at another orchard…please contact us in advance to our season at info@glacierfreshcherries.com,  call: 406-838-5172 or fill out form.  Thanks!

Would you like to work for Glacier Fresh?  Please apply!




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    Thank you for your interest.  If you have a resume, please send a copy to info@glacierfreshcherries.com.