Glacier Fresh – The Largest Exporter of Cherries in Montana

Glacier Fresh is the largest exporters of cherries in Montana. Our season runs from mid-July to mid-August. Our peak timing is around August 1. With future plantings in the ground of later varieties in late harvest locations…our harvest time should reach to late August.



‘We work hard all year long to grow these beautiful cherries!  We pick and ship them with the utmost of care…”

Glacier Fresh has been cherries since 2005. We have always tried to exceed industry standards in fruit quality and packing. In 2012 we enlarged our packing line and added an optical sizer. This doubled our production immediately. We are now able to sort our cherries by quality, size and color. This gives us a consistent pack that our customers expect and appreciate. We at Glacier Fresh consider ourselves a progressive company and have made strides each season to improve our packing line and cold storage.


We at Glacier Fresh pride ourselves in picking our fruit at the right time.

Our harvesting practices were created with as little fruit handling as possible, being top priority.  We get them covered, out of the elements and into our cold packing line in a speedy procedure.  Our fruit is fresh and cooling within hours.  We know the importance of every step in handling and packing fresh fruit.  Our cherries are our “gems” we treat them as such.  Our buyers are always expecting premium fruit and we know how to meet those expectations from farm to market.

Glacier Fresh - Box 9kg


Glacier Fresh - Cherry Pouch Bag


Glacier Fresh - Cherry Box 5kg


Glacier Fresh - Cherry Pouch Bag